” Tow-in surfing is a technique created by Laird Hamilton, Buzzy Kerbox, Dave Kalama, among others, in middles of 1990 where the surfer is towed by a Jet-Ski. This method has an advantage demonstrated in the situations where the wave is too big and moves very quickly to the surfer surfs in rowing. “

AREBIRI TOW IN LOGISTICS presents a complete solution for those who want to challenge the Big Waves of Nazaré

A set of equipment and human resources it allows athletes to enjoy a turnkey experience, all the process is prepared and controlled from the technical means, cars, accommodation, licenses. Alternatively, they may apply part of the solution. With secure logistical spot the athletes have a wide range of equipment:

Boards, Jet Skys, Sleds, Quads, Pick – Up, Trailers and other materials


Garrett McNamara

Ross Clarke-Jones

Tom Carroll

Mark Mathews

Jason Polakowl

Maya Gabeira

Jamie Mitchell

Shane Dorian

Carlos Burle

Pedro Scooby

Aaron Gold

Kealii Mamala

Carlos "Coco” Nogales

Andrew "Cotty" Cotton

Sebastian Steudtner

Rafael Tapia

João Macedo

Hugo Vau

Eric Rebiere

Al Mennie

Mick Corbett

Jarryd Foster

Ale Marciano

Rodrigo Coxa

Thiago Jacaré

Marcelo Luna

Fabiano Tissot

Joana Andrade

Sérgio Costa

Toby Cunningham

Eric Skudin

Cliff Skudin

Nitzam Benhaim

Alemão de Maresias

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